Scrap Car Removal Melbourne – Cash For Scrap Cars Up To $9999

Say goodbye to your car for nothing, you can find yourself acquiring a handsome figure for your unwanted motor. No matter how old your car is, we’ll be able to match you up with local buyers and can provide a no-obligation quote for your car within seconds.

When your collector arrives, you can expect them to go through all the relevant paperwork, the whole collection process taking a quick 5-10 minutes, after which your payment is done swiftly, ensuring that all the legalities are taken care of.

Of course, it’s not just cars that we can take off your hands; we’re able to pay cash for scrap motorbikes, vans and trucks too and won’t charge you for collecting your vehicle.

The price that you’ll be quoted is the price that you’ll be paid. Other companies are often known to try and re-negotiate the fee paid upon collection.

It doesn’t matter what condition your car is in, as long as there’s metal to be recycled and parts to be removed from it, you can look forward to getting the money you deserve.

Why choose us?

• Your scrap car or vehicle will be collected from your doorstep, absolutely free of cost to you throughout Melbourne.
• Quick and money saving process
• Most advanced and well-equipped trucks to carry and relocate any kind or even over-sized vehicle.
• Immediate cash on the spot on quick evaluation of Cars/any vehicle of poor condition

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How to Get A Quick Cash Sale For Your Scrap Cars


If you are a car seller, you likely have one thing on your mind. Getting a fair cash offer on your vehicle as quick as possible. There is a way to make this happen, and it involves selling your vehicle to a car removal company. Selling your vehicle to a car removal company means that you have an instant cash buyer that will buy your auto today.

Quick Cash Car Sales For Your Scrap Cars

Car removal companies also referred to as cash for cars, are used and scrap car buyers that have the buying power to pay cash for cars. Some will strictly buy scrap and wrecked cars or cars that aren’t worth the repairs and some will buy all conditions of vehicles. Each works on the same concept. They pay cash for cars.
Sales are quick because of the car buying system they have in place. They don’t require sellers to come to them for a cash quote or to sit at a negotiating table for hours. They simply make a cash offer on the vehicle that the seller accepts or rejects. Accept, and the vehicle is sold.

Eco-Friendly Scrap Car Services

Should you have a scrap, accident or damaged vehicle that is not in good enough shape to resell, then a cash for scrap cars company is the way to get a fair cash offer on the vehicle. In years past, vehicles that no longer had any road life left or were in accident condition the only place for them would be a landfill or open plot. Both are quite hazardous to the environment as the fluids, rust, toxins, etc. from the vehicle would creep into the soil, contaminating the environment. Today that has changed. Cars are no longer disposed of in an open plot or landfill; they are wrecked and recycled. This is an eco-friendly solution in disposing of a vehicle.

How Car Removal Services in Melbourne Work?

Car removal companies work on a quick cash system. These are companies that offer to buy any make and model of vehicle of any age and condition. They offer vehicle owners the option to obtain a cash quote over the telephone or on their web page. Vehicle owners will need to provide the details of their vehicle, including a thorough description of the vehicle to obtain a cash offer. Once they receive a cash offer, then they simply accept or reject the offer.

When an offer is accepted, the service provider will then ask for a convenient time to come and inspect the vehicle. At the time of the inspection, the technician will require that all paperwork be signed, including signing over the title of ownership and pay their cash offer amount. It is a system that is quick and convenient, and one that allows vehicle owners to sell quickly their vehicle no matter what its condition.

Should I Sell My Car to A Car Removal Company?

If you want a quick sale that includes cash, then it won’t hurt to obtain cash quotes from car removal companies. However, know your price before you obtain a quote. For instance, if you have a used vehicle you’d like to sell, they know the market value of the vehicle. If you have a scrap vehicle, then know the current scrap metal prices so that you know that you are receiving a fair price for your unwanted car.

Will A Cash for Cars Company Charge to Tow My Scrap Vehicle?

No. They are in the business of buying and removing vehicles. It is important that you sell your auto to a cash for cars company in your local area as this will help to ensure there is no charge. Regardless, when you obtain your quote ask if there are any service charges or towing fees to come to collect your vehicle.

How Do I Find A Car Removal Company in Melbourne?

To find a car removal company in Melbourne, simply perform a search on the Internet. Type in the words “car removal company” and your local area. When the results show, begin to shop and compare service providers. Things that the company should disclose on their site include is that they are professional, licensed and insured car buyers, and a local address and telephone number. Other things to look for include instant cash payments and free car removals in the local area.

When selling your vehicle, a car removal company is an asset as they will buy your vehicle no matter what it’s the condition. Unlike advertising your vehicle for sale, you don’t need to go to all the work of fixing and polishing the vehicle. They are car buyers that will buy your auto “As Is
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