Have you heard of them? Car removal companies are the latest craze, and they are popping up everywhere in Melbourne. They are the new trend to sell your vehicle that puts instant cash in the hands of the vehicle owner. It is complete ease and convenience and with car removal companies like Quick Car Removals, you will get as much as $9999 instant cash when we buy your vehicle. We come to your door, bring the paperwork with us and do all the heavy work. Before you decide that this is the option for you, you need to do your homework on the car removal company to ensure that it is a reputable removal company in Melbourne. Quick Car Removals has the following pointers when in search of a car removal company.

Calling a Car Removal Company

Most car removal companies will offer two ways to get in touch with them. The first is over the phone. The second is through their direct contact form requesting a cash offer located on their site. There are a few things that you need to ask whether the company is licensed and insured. Also, what their policy on removal happens to be. Some may offer free car removals while others might charge a towing fee. Quick Car Removals offers free car removals. Also, look at the company’s website and ensure that they have their physical address listed. If they do not, then you should not deal with the company.

What Condition Does My Vehicle Have to Be In?

Whether or not a car removal company accepts the condition of your vehicle will depend on the removal company. Just as the make and model will. Some car removal companies accept and buy all makes and models of any condition of a vehicle, others don’t. It is important that you ask the company what their policies are on their vehicle removals. Scrap and accident vehicles may need to have the fuel drained, tyres flattened or removed, and the liquids drained. Car removal companies like Quick Car Removals removes vehicles of any make, model, age and condition, “As Is”.

Are the Car Removals Always Free?

Again, whether the company offers free car removals is strictly the company’s policy. Quick Car Removals offers free car removals with just a phone call.

How Long Do I Have to Wait for the Removal

At Quick Car Removals, we can be there as soon as this afternoon. We offer same day car removals 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

How Much Cash Will You Buy My Car For?

The cash amount that we offer you on your vehicle will all depend on different factors like the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle. If your vehicle is a bare shell, then we will make you a cash offer based on the size and weight of your vehicle. If the vehicle is in near mint condition, then the offer will be based on factors like the current resell value of the vehicle. Quick Car Removals pays up to $9999 instant cash on cars, trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, vans, utes and motorcycles.

How Do I Get a Cash for Cars Offer?

To get a cash for cars offer, simply access the Internet and request cash for cars offers from different local car removal companies. Quick Car Removals offers instant cash offers online through our site and over the telephone.

What about the Paperwork?

Most car removal companies will bring all necessary paperwork with them. Quick Car Removals provides all the paperwork and requires the title of ownership to the vehicle and proof of the vehicle owner’s photo ID.

When Will I Get the Cash Payment?

Not all car removal companies offer a cash payment. Quick Car Removals offers instant cash at the time we pick up your vehicle.

How Do You Know You Are Accurate in the Price?

When we arrive at your location, we will complete a quick inspection of the vehicle. If the vehicle is in the condition that you told us it was over the phone or online, we will then proceed with the transaction.

When Will I Get Paid?

That again will depend on the car removal company. You will find that most car removal companies offer instant cash payments. Quick Car Removals pays cash on the spot.

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