Free Car Removal Melbourne


Quick Car Removals is only a phone call away if you have a broken, scrap, unwanted, old, accident, or destroyed car in Melbourne that you want to get rid of and put some cash in your pocket.

free car removal melbourne

Free Car Removal Melbourne

Quick Car Removals have been providing Free Car Removal Melbourne services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs, helping car sellers find an appropriate and convenient way to dispose of their vehicles.

With our services, we will come to your location and remove your unwanted automobiles, leaving you up to $9999 in cash. Call us immediately if you want a free car removal service with a trustworthy company in Melbourne.


Quick Car Removals’ services in Melbourne are simple and fast yet super successful and most preferred in the town! We have the following three easy-breezy approaches:

  • As a car owner, you can request a price quote over the phone or by filling out and completing the auto quote form on our website. Call us on on 0481 332 220/ 0387 123 683!
  • Accept or reject the offer – our auto appraisers will calculate the worth of your automobile based on the information you provide above. We will give you a comparable offer for your consideration. You, as a seller, are under no obligation to accept or reject the offer. We also have a same-day car removal service if you need it.
  • Get quick cash — If you accept the offer, we will organise a collection time that is convenient for you, at which time we will pay you the agreed-upon amount on the spot.


We are happy to inform you that we accept all automobile makes and models for the best price because no car is worthless to us. Even if your vehicle is not roadworthy for any Xyz reason, we recognise and are happy that no car under our service will ever be valued at zero. Therefore, your vehicle will always have value, which we will gladly pay.

Various Car Removal Services Are Available.

Quick Car Removals do more than just tow your old or unwanted cars away because of our team’s knowledge and skill. As a seller, you can also rely on us for the following services:

  • Scrap vehicle removal – this assists you in locating the appropriate disposal facility for your scrap cars, regardless of how old or dilapidated they appear.
  • Car removal after an accident – your automobile was in a mishap, but the cost of servicing it seems to be greater than its actual value? There’s no reason to be concerned! We remove all types of accident autos and compensate you accordingly.
  • Damaged car removal — regardless of whether the car got hampered by a flood or any other natural cause, we will remove it for you. It makes little difference if the vehicle is still in working order or has been parked for decades. Do a little thing; call us, and we will come to your location to remove your items.
  • Used Car Removal- You can always count on Quick Car Removals for the best-used vehicle removal rates in Melbourne; whether you have an old automobile, you no longer need to wait and take a headache. Explore our services and call us to get rid of your existing used one and pool funds to purchase a new one.

To Better Serve You, We Have A Diverse Group Of Professionals.

Quick Car Removals can provide high-quality car removal Melbourne services because we have a team of skilled experts with diverse experience in the car removal industry. Fortunately, we aren’t just some inexperienced transporters who have never done anything other than load automobiles into tow trucks for transportation. Our fast car removal team is a winning one, with the following pros on board:

  • Auto Appraisers – to assist us in determining your vehicle’s true value so we can make you a fair offer.
  • Auto Towing Experts — to ensure that your vehicle is towed by our personnel on the given time and date by you, without any delays that may cause discomfort.
  • Auto wreckers — we employ cutting-edge techniques and technology to disassemble cars in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Professional customer service team — to ensure that all calls, emails, and other enquiries are promptly answered and to assist whenever you require.

Eco-Friendly service by Quick Car Removals

If you have a non-running, unwanted car in your yard, selling it and receiving cash for it is the best method to get rid of it. Giving us a call is a great place to start with Free Car Removal Melbourne. We remove and discard your vehicle in an environmentally friendly manner, leaving minimal to no carbon footprint. Quick Car Removals has been in this business for a long time, and we help people in Melbourne and the neighbouring areas keep their surroundings safe. We promise you will get a fair deal and the most money for your unwanted vehicle.

Contact us today!

Give some background information first. Begin by entering your name, email, phone number, and vehicle information, such as make, model year, and condition, into the quote form above. For example, we can buy your car if it has no title or registration.

Call us today at 03 8712 3683 or fill out an enquiry form to receive a ‘free Online estimate.’

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