How Much Does Car Removal & Towing In Melbourne Cost

“How much does Car Removal & Towing cost in Melbourne?”

It’s a reasonable question, and one we hear all the time, especially from the clients who are willing to sell their old or used car for cash. The people who are new to selling the old car or never sold a car are probably most interested in how much they’ll be expected to sell out the old car or if they are going to receive top dollar. Unfortunately, there’s no easy, since there are many car removal companies who are claiming to offer top cash or Free car removal, but the real answer is, it depends.

The cost for car removal or cash for cars depends on many factors or variables. We will explain how these variables will impact. So it’s a must you need to expect realistic cost not less not high.


Below is highlighted in detail about car removal cost

  • Car Removal is based on the condition & location of the vehicle. The closer the car in terms of location & condition meaning a full car with all the parts intact will reward you with more cash and less towing cost.
  • You can exercise tight control over how you want your car removal by fixing time those suits the car removal company or towing service provider by taking their car to the location or parking the car to a nearby location close to the car removal company.
  • The average cost or cash for car removal is FREE when you sell the old car to the car buying company. The towing cost if not booked with the car removal company is between $80 and $1500 on the location you choose to tow the car from and to where. The most expensive tow could be for the interstate.
  • The average cash payout for cars is from $100 to $9999.

How does car removal system in Melbourne work?

Before you know how many dollars you can get for your unwanted or used car, it is important that you know how the car removal & towing system works.

One of the biggest misconceptions about car Removal Company is that whoever offers the best rate is the best car removal company. The answer is not right always since a company can offer higher rate and when they come to collect they can offer less money for the same car, just by saying your information was not right.

Getting a car removal quote:

  • You get a quote for your car when you call or send an enquiry online. Make sure the quote is given by the driver or a professional. Give as much as information about your car you can, this will help the car removal company to offer an honest and accurate quote.
  • Ask a question about how much, what the best price etc is. Negotiate as much as you can and let the company know that you have done the research and you know the average market price of your car.
  • Always mention the mileage, make, model, suburb, any accidents or damage to the car.
  • Ask if the towing is FREE and if dropping the car to the place will fetch more cash.
  • Rego or no rego, some cash for cars companies’ offer more cash if it is registered or for certain brands like Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai or Honda. Check if does matter.

Car Removal & Towing Cost

Before selling the car on that day of the removal service:

  • Make sure to take all your belongings from the car. E.g docs, glasses, tags etc
  • Remove the stereo if you can re-use them
  • Call the car licensing Vic roads in case if you need to check about the rego or handing over the car number plate.
  • Stick the offer price, do not get intimidated by the truck driver, be friendly and get the cash. If you don’t get the offer what you have been quoted unless there is a special reason do not agree.
  • Fill the necessary documents only when you get the cash. Remember once you sign the car doesn’t belong to you.

Quick car removal is your friendly, honest and reliable car removal and towing company in Melbourne offering top dollar for your unwanted, scrap or used cars.