The safety of your vehicle matters in the event of a collision and may even help you avoid one altogether. Unfortunately, many young drivers cannot currently afford to purchase a newer, safer vehicle. Unfortunately, young drivers are over-represented in serious traffic accidents.


Victorian Government Subsidies


The Government Intends To Buy Back Used Cars.


The cash-for-clunkers program will pay $5000 towards the purchase of a newer, safer vehicle. Young regional Victorians can register online. Those chosen will receive a letter from VicRoads instructing them to take their vehicle to a participating dealer, where the car’s and owner’s entitlement will be verified.

  • Cash For Clunkers aims not to reduce vehicle emissions but to improve vehicle safety. 
  • It seeks to entice younger drivers to trade their older, less safe vehicles for newer ones with more safety features.
  • Applicants must be in the ages of 18 and 25 and have a car that is 16 years old or older with a 2-star safety rating or no safety rating.


Ben Carroll, minister for roads, said, “Cost is a real barrier for many young Victorians when choosing a safe and modern car.” Hence, this program is critical in ensuring they choose a vehicle with features that could ultimately save their lives.

Newer And Safer Vehicles Will Help Maximise Road Safety Benefits For Everyone.


Approximately 70% of people who died on our roads were in vehicles older than ten. Being in a safer car can make the difference between ending up in the hospital or avoiding a crash entirely.

In addition to the pilot program for young regional drivers, the government intends to test the offer of short-term, affordable leases on newer, safer cars to low-income earners in regional Victoria over the age of 65.


Upgrading isn’t always feasible, primarily if you have worked hard to save for your first set of wheels or are on a fixed income. Older vehicles lack the safety features we rely on to keep us safe and are over-represented in crash and fatality statistics. This is about getting them off the road and assisting Victorians in need. The value of grants and the conditions on how one can use the money are yet to be revealed. Still, it is known that the grants will be by “invitation only,” focusing on at-risk young motorists in regional areas identified as owning older vehicles. 


Grants must be high enough to encourage young drivers to participate in the buyback scheme rather than trade their cars to a dealership since used-car prices have risen in recent months due to increased demand. 


It is also critical that the scheme prioritises the oldest vehicles on the road and the most dangerous ones. Vehicle safety has improved significantly over the last decade, and allowing our most vulnerable drivers to travel in newer, safer vehicles will help maximise the road-safety benefit for everyone.

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