Everyone understands that your vehicle will require a number plate to drive in Melbourne. They serve to identify a car, but they can also get used to personalise it.

You may be curious about what to do with your old license plates if you’ve purchased a new private plate or just changed them for your car.

If you’re replacing your car’s original plates with a p0rivate one, you should save them if you want to sell the vehicle and keep your plate. Otherwise, this article will explain what you should do.

return number plates

Return Number Plates

Think About Selling Your Licence Plate.

Consider selling your private plate if you’re replacing it with a new one or want to put the original plates back on.

You can’t if you’re thinking of selling them back to the DVLA. Also, you can’t sell a car’s original registration, but you can sell your plates privately.

These days, there are a lot of auction houses specialising in this. If you’re not sure how much your plate is worth, these knowledgeable auctioneers can usually estimate it for you.

Give Up Ownership Of Your Licence Plate.

If you don’t want to sell your plate but still want it, you can return number plate rights by contacting the DVLA.

To do so, fill out the section of the V778 or V750 form that came with your plate that says, “Give up the right to this registered number (surrender).” If you’ve lost it, you can request a replacement from the DVLA.

Send the completed and signed form to the following address: Personalised DVLA Registrations. You won’t use your private plate on a vehicle once this gets achieved.

What Do I Do If My Automobile Is Towed Away, Sold, Or Written Off?

If your car has been demolished or written off, you can keep the licence plates. You’ll also need to apply to the DVLA to assign them to the new vehicle if you intend to put them on another car.

Get Rid Of  Your Old Licence Plate.

Selling your old license plate is one of the simplest methods to get rid of it. For example, you can sell your licence plate on websites like ours that provide and sell licence plates. You may also quickly find out how much your old license plate is worth, so you know how much to sell it for.

Reuse Your Old Licence Plate.

Recycling your old license plate is another option for getting rid of it. If the plate is precious, you should probably sell it instead of recycling it. If the value of your old license plate is low, recycling it will be a more efficient way to dispose of it. You can do so by taking it to a recycling centre near you. If you’re getting rid of it in another way, ensure sure the number plate is worn enough that scammers won’t be able to use it to steal your identity.

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