Electric cars are the new edition of the Auto industry in Australia. Melbourne is one of the top populated and famous city in Australia, with nearly 4.5 Million in population. Melbourne is a dynamic city with some exceptional cars on the road. More than 50 plus car manufactures selling cars in Australia. Electric cars have been around just over a few years and Tesla has been one of the leaders in Electric cars. Other manufacturers are quick to follow. Big players like BMW, Toyota, Honda, etc entering the market, its the future for the Auto industry.  China and Europe are facing major shortfall with the supply of electric cars, the local Chinese car manufacturers have started producing cars to meet the local and international demand.

The Main Reason You Should Buy An Electric Car

Inexpensive: Electric cars very inexpensive to operate and buy. An average electric car just needs $7 to travel 100 miles. The is way much cheaper compared to petrol or even diesel. Since the launch of electric vehicles, the prices for these cars have come down. Recent research has shown over 1 third of Australians are will consider an Electric car/vehicle.


Tax Incentives: Luxury vehicle tax break and stamp duty exception only in the ACT. Victoria has no incentives yet but the chances of tax incentives are in offering soon.  For now, the manufactures see little merit with electric cars in Australia. For more information about the electric car in Australia Visit The Electric Revolution.

Environmental: While it is environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse emission, the car is also less noisy and causes less air pollution.

Low Maintenance: It has 10 times fewer parts compared to petrol or diesel cars. It has no engine, transmission,  spark plugs, tailpipe, fuel pipe,  starter, clutch or muffler.