The vehicle is in scrap condition; it’s time to get the eyesore out of your garage and get paid some cash for its metals. How do you go about scrapping your 4×4? Quick Car Removal Melbourne offers the following information.

How To Get Cash for 4WDs In Melbourne?

Find A Licensed and Insured Auto Wrecker

Firstly, it is essential that you choose an auto wrecker that is licensed and insured. This is essential as there are some scammers out there, posing as auto wreckers and trying to rip off people with lowball offers and illegal practices.

Provide the Title

When scrapping your 4WD, you will be required to provide a copy of the vehicle title, as well as a valid photo ID (such as a license or passport)

The amount of cash you receive for scrapping your vehicle will depend on the condition of the vehicle as well as its weight, size, and working parts. If you pull valuable car parts that are in working condition to resale, the price will be lower.

Don’t Forget To Update or Cancel Your Car Insurance

Once you have your vehicle scrapped, turn in or transfer the plates of the vehicle to your new car, and be sure to cancel or update your car insurance. The last thing you want is to be paying for a policy that you no longer need.

Car owners scrapping their vehicles should choose a removal company that offers upfront cash payments. 4WD Auto Wreckers is a cash for four-wheel drive buyer that pays cash upfront for scrapping vehicles. We buy all makes & conditions of vehicles and are licensed and insured auto buyers that offer eco-friendly car recycling. If you would like to obtain a cash quote from us, please contact us at the number below. Online quotes can be obtained through our online quote form on our homepage. We are cash for cars buyers that optimize the cash for cars!

Call us for a cash quote at 07 3172 2366 and get cash for your scrap car or truck today.