Are you anxiously looking for a dependable car wrecker in Melbourne? We have got you covered…the premier car wrecking services Melbourne wide is just a click away for you.



Why do you need a car wrecker?

During every vehicles existence there comes stage when it is so beyond mend- getting rid of it is the best resolution you can come up with.


It’s inexpensive and straightforward to get your vehicle taken apart rather than to looking to mending it up. Here is when a car breaker comes in handy! A wrecker will take apart your car for cash; a car breaker  will offer you a price to buy your car.



How to make it happen

  1. With the use of an array of print and digital media you can seek out a wrecker –online mediums is the most easy and proficient method
  2. Get in touch with the car dismantler and they will turn up at your place of businesses/residence to look over the vehicle
  3. If the vehicle ticks all the boxes the auto wreckers are looking such as make, model, manufacture you will be presented a good price with an immediate quotation.
  4. If you consent to the terms you will get hard cash instantly and help with the paper work.
  5. By means of a tow truck the car will be pulled to the yard and dismantled
  6. The car will broken down -every part of the car will be take out and if there are parts that can be reused they will taken and sold or sent overseas
  7. Out of commission parts/metal will used for scrap metal and will be sold or exported



Just the right car wrecker for you

9 out of 10 car wreckers declare they are the finest…but it’s nowhere near the truth. Dismantling a vehicle is not a task that can be performed by every guy on the street- it’s somewhat an art form.  You have to take apart the car meticulously and distinguish what parts can be used again and what cannot. Parts that can be reused again need to be detached cautiously not to destroy it so they can be put up to be sold. The kaput parts and the remainder of the automobile will be used as scrap metal.


You need skilled professionals with know-how & expertise in addition suitable gear to take apart a vehicle based on government policy and directive all along doing it an eco friendly manner.



Attaining the exact deal for you

All car wreckers declare they will give you the most cash for your vehicle- even so the main aim for them is to give you the smallest amount of cash possible. As a result it’s sensible to make enquirers prior to signing your car way… No matter of how crushed you deem your automobile is; you ought to be able to get a sensible price if you find the right and truthful wrecker – as even a cracked up car has a lot of value.



Rapid Car Removals & Wreckers In Melbourne Victoria

Rapid Car Removals & Wreckers In Melbourne Victoria

Why choose us

  1. Quick Car Removals acquires cars for wrecking and scrap in Melbourne. With years of experience and a competent team; this is an impeccable choice you can make.
  2. We have offered car dismantling and car removals effectively in Melbourne wide; our list of happy customers is testament to that.
  3. The rates we offer for car wrecking are unmatched in Melbourne & Victoria.
  4. We service all cars makes, types and age; domestic or international. Brands like as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Volvo, and Mercedes are a number of the brands we service
  5. The squad will dissect your car leaving covering all bases to present you the best deal
  6. Our expert’s wills make sure not to break up the cars working parts when taking a part the automobile.
  7. Our complete taking apart procedure meets the terms the VIC government authorized practices plus this is all done in an environmentally friendly way.


If your car fits the bill the wreckers are looking for you will get good Aussie dollars for you’re formerly out of commission car next to complimentary help with paper work. As an added bonus we provide on the house free car removal Melbourne wide.


Your car can be crushed, out of date or in awful working condition owing to neglect among other factors–we will still put forward a reasonable price unequaled for your car.


Browse Quick Car Removals for more details on our car wrecker and car removals Melbourne wide.  Get in touch with us for a free instant no obligation quotes to assist you in making your mind up if we are the one for you.