In order to buy scrap, damaged or incomplete cars at the end of their life for scrap metal or parts sale, you need a motor car trader’s license; however, you may need to be a registered second-hand dealer. This is a requirement if you are scrap or used car removal company in Melbourne.

Wreckers and car recyclers may buy an incomplete car or not in working condition for:

  1. Scrap metal
  2. On-selling to wreckers/metal recyclers for scrap metal
  3. Selling parts to consumers or repairers
  4. Repairing the vehicle for sale to the public
  5. selling to the public unrestored.
  6. Car parts may include panels, wheels, engine parts, windscreens, mirrors, and dashboards, among others.

A Licensed Wrecker


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We buy a car every day around Melbourne and suburbs. Apart from the local residents, we get travelers and backpackers selling their unwanted cars to us.