So you have just survived an accident. Luckily enough, there was no one hurt, except your car, which has sustained some serious damages. And you are now faced with the decision of deciding the fate of your car after the accident. Obviously, the accident has affected the value of your car only that you don’t have an idea of what its value could be following the accident. A lot of questions are probably going through your mind and you are wondering if repairing it will be worth it or if you should just junk it away and plan on getting a new one.

Effects of Accident On Your Car

Accidents have a way of diminishing the value of your car, however minor they may be. When your car is involved in an accident, the damage sustained will be evaluated in terms of percentages. For instance, if the damage is evaluated as 20%, this isn’t that bad and the most recommended cause of action would be to repair the car because it will not be very expensive.

But when the damage hits between 40% and 70%, repairing the car may not be a financially viable option and it is at this point when people think about the various ways they can rid of such cars. At such points, options such as selling your car to car removal companies start lingering in your mind, and your focus becomes determining the best car removal company to deal with.

With a damage of above 70%, your car is getting close to being totalled, in which case you may never think about ever using it again and the most certain option would be to sell it to the cash for cars companies. This is because at such a state, repairing the car would most certainly be more costly than the actual value of the car, thus making it financially inappropriate to embark on the repairs.

What to Do If You Can’t Repair Your Car After an Accident

There are various options at your disposal when you determine that you can’t repair your car after an accident. The best one would be to sell the car for instant cash to one of the many Car Removal Companies in Melbourne. With such companies, you are guaranteed of getting instant cash on your car, irrespective of the extent of the damages. It is a viable option worth considering instead of leaving your car to gather dust and rust in your driveway when you could sell it for up to $9999 to the car removal companies.