A car’s engine can fail due to many mechanical PROBLEMS, which make the four-wheeler dysfunctional. Since the first car ran on the road in 1886, automobile technology, metallurgy, and materials have drastically advanced.

Sell Your Engine Problem Cars For Cash Melbourne

Vehicles can now run for thousands of miles without any engine trouble through a regular maintenance schedule. It means the engine failures do not happen without some warning signs. If the engine is in bad shape, selling the vehicle through cash for cars deals is a better option.

Engine Problem Cars Melbourne

Engine Problem Cars Melbourne

Common Signs Before A Car Engine Fails

You do not need to rely only on warning lights to find out if your car engine has failed. Various signs indicate your engine is in poor condition. Here are the most common signs:

  1. Blue Smoke Billowing from the Exhaust

When blue smoke comes out of your car’s exhaust, it means the engine is burning oil, which is not a good sign.

  1. Clunking Noise

If a clunky noise is coming from the car, which is different from the normal running sound, it could mean that engine is failing.

  1. Low Level of Power and Can’t Reach High Rpm

Your car engine could be in a critical condition if it has low levels of power and struggles to reach high RPM. Also, the car chokes after pressing the throttle. In such cases, you need to call a mechanic or a local auto repair shop.

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Engine Rebuild or Replace: Which Option Is Better For You?

When your car engine fails, you mainly have two options – engine rebuilding or replacement. However, it can be difficult for you to decide which option is the best. The decision should be based on which method is more effective to fix your car engine. Also, it will boil down to the cost factor.

These days, for most modern cars, an engine rebuild will be expensive and not worth the investment. So, if the engine fails, you can simply buy a new engine through the dealer and install it in a few days.

If you want to avoid the high cost of repairing your car, selling it for a reasonable amount is better. Quick Car Removals will buy your car in any condition and offer you the best cash for cars deal after a fair evaluation. On top of it, you will get a free car removal.

Engine Rebuild – Requirement and Cost

We have already discussed some of the common problems of car engines. For example, issues such as oil leaks, burning oil, engine malfunction, head gasket leaks, or pistons slapping within the cylinders are the reasons your car might need an engine rebuild.

After checking your car and identifying any or some of the reasons mentioned above, a technician would tell you that your car’s engine needs rebuilding.

Rebuilding the engine means you have either repaired or replaced all or most of the moving parts in the bottom part of the engine. The parts in that section are pistons, piston rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, and others.

When Your Car Engine Needs Rebuilding?

There would be clear signs that your car engine is failing, such as blue smoke is coming out, large amount oil consumption, lack of power and torque or breakdown, and the car is not starting up.

In those cases, your car engine desperately needs rebuilding. Most probably, all the internal parts of the engine are worn-out or broken, and not functioning properly.

The Durability of a Rebuilt Engine

If the rebuilding work of your car engine is done properly using genuine and adequate parts, it will be as durable and reliable as the original one.

On many occasions, a rebuilt might become even better due to changing all the parts of the engine with brand new items. However, poor rebuilding of your engine by an inexperienced mechanic will potentially lead to failure again.

Costs of Engine Rebuilding

Rebuilding a car engine is a costly affair. In most cases, car owners should sell off the car. You should do the same and use that money to buy a new car.

It is not easy to calculate the amount you may have to shell out rebuilding your car. That is because rebuilding costs are different from one vehicle to another. It also depends on how extensive is the repair process.

Rebuilding costs of a regular car engine could be between $2,500 and $4,000 for spare parts and labor charges. Repairing this type of engine might be about replacing bearings and seals, taking out the engine, and then re-installing it.

Engine Replacement: Requirement and Cost

If you wish to replace your car engine, make sure to see what all will be included in it. Mostly, when replacing the engine, you might just get the unit without a radiator, engine mounts, oil pump, and others. The reason is, it is possible to salvage those items from your old car engine and reinstall them on the new one.

On some occasions, the engine replacement kit includes an extensive list of new items, such as wires, new hoses, engine mounts, and so on. Make sure to be clear on this before a mechanic or auto repair shop starts working on your engine replacement.

Costs of Replacing a Car Engine

Replacing a car engine is not cheap either. Typically, the cost is around or more than $5000.

Additionally, you have to consider the costs of labor and additional parts, which can push the costs over $10,000. If your car is under the manufacturer’s warranty, you need not pay anything. However, if it is out of warranty, you will potentially bear a steep amount of money.

Labour Costs

If you want to get an actual quote for replacing your car, you should figure out which type of shop will perform the replacement. The cost will differ depending on whether an authorised dealer or an independent technician will repair the car and the complications involved in the process.

Naturally, the cost of replacing the engine of the latest model or imported brand will be significantly higher than local makes and older vehicles. However, the labour cost might exceed $1,000 in most replacement cases.

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Why Selling Your Car to Quick Car Removal Is Your Best Option

If the thought of rebuilding or replacing your car engine has crossed your mind, consider the hassle you have to go through and the costs you will bear.

Going for a car trade-in with a blown engine or mechanical problem will not get you a deal from used car dealers. So, it makes no sense to spend thousands of dollars to get your car engine fixed. Instead, why not sell the car to Quick Car Removals for a fair price after a transparent evaluation?

All you have to do is give us a call, and we will dispatch a car appraiser. After the assessment, you will get cash for cars quote on the spot. If you agree, we will arrange the car removal and your payment on the same day.

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