Avoid getting in to trouble due to someone else’s reckless use of your former car- if the car does not belong to you anymore inform Department of Transport in Victoria –Vic Roads www.vicroads.vic.gov.au  right away.


Due to a range of reason you may not own your vehicle any longer

  1. The car has been sold
  2. Due to being unusable it has been given to a car wrecker
  3. The car has been robbed
  4. It has been reclaimed by insurance or a another party


For whatever reason you no longer own your car…it belongs to another! It’s your former car now…..


You will have to notify the appropriate Victorian government department. In this case report the car to Vic Roads.


Below you can cancel your registration


Why is it vital for you to notify that you no longer own your car?

      1. The car was involved in a road disaster
      2. Used in an unlawful action
      3. Broken transport/road rules
      4. Been deemed unfit for the road


If any of the points above are related to your former vehicle you will be held responsible. This will entail having to make a trip to the transport establishment, the cops and possibly the magistrates. The route of action to get cleared can be multifarious, challenging and be a drain on your time and cash. It is under no situation easy clearing up that the car is not yours at the point of the crime. In certain occasions you might be charged with being negligent with your responsibility; this might lead to fines and based on the severity of the crime even incarceration.


Why are vehicle licenses cancelled?

      1. Being late on payments
      2. Cancel your registration by choice
      3. The car has been written off – by transport authorities
      4. Car doesn’t adhere with Victorian government road policy



Cancelling Your Car Registration in Victoria

If you are a registered user of the vehicle you can cancel the vehicle registration at any time you like. If you are transferring ownership you need to inform Vic Roads within 14 days. But make sure to stick to Victorian government transport regulations.



You can cancel your vehicle registration via the following options

      1. Posting it to VicRoads, GPO Box 1644, Melbourne, VIC 3001
      2. Calling on 13 11 71
      3. Visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre



What you require to complete registration

      1. Verification of your identity- name of cars registered owner
      2. Address of cars registered owner
      3. Driving licence number or car serial number
      4. Vehicles documents of registration (if possible)
      5. Car registration number plates
      6. Vehicle number plates (if possible)
      7. If you are canalling because the car is written off –the date of the accident
      8. Cancelation payment charge


Application for transfer registration –by filling the form you can cancel your car registration in Victoria


Notice of Car Disposal & Vehicle Licence Cancellation Melbourne Vic

Notice of Car Disposal & Vehicle Licence Cancellation Melbourne Victoria

Information you want to fill the form for registration cancelation


Car Information

      1. Registration plate’s number
      2. Year of manufacturer
      3. VIN/Chassis number
      4. Engine number


Seller Information

      1. Name/business of seller
      2. Address
      3. Date of taking away
      4. Licence/Customer number


New operator’s information

      1. Name/business of buyer
      2. Date of birth
      3. Address
      4. Licence/Customer number



The mentioned points above will be necessary when filling out the vehicle registration cancelations form


If you follow the above information you will be able to cancel your car registration easily and smoothly. If you no longer own your vehicle it is paramount to cancel it to stay away from inconvenience in the future due to the new owner’s misuse of the vehicle


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